Dramatically improving the lives of Alzheimer / Dementia patients and their Caregivers.

  • $15 million invested over 9 years
  • 3 active programs with 4000 patients
  • Validated Cost Savings of 30 - 40%
  • Award Winning
  • Proven Results
    • Better Patient Outcomes
    • Fewer Complications and emergencies
    • Improved Caregiver Health
    • Greater Clinician Satisfaction
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CMS Innovation Award

Semi-Finalist in the Health Acceleration Challenge

Welcome to PPHM

Preferred Population Health Management (PPHM) can dramatically improve the lives of 5,300,000 million Alzheimer / Dementia patients in the US and their caregivers. PPHM is the result of 9 years of research and study by IURTC in conjunction with CMS with $15 million invested. Our Aging Brain Care (ABC) model is a true Evidence Based Tool for managing patients suffering with Dementia or Depression and have other comorbidities. Peer reviewed proven results with 4,000 patients in 3 separate studies with established healthcare savings of 40% and measurably improved patient outcomes. We are changing the economics of degenerative brain care by dramatically lowering the cost and measurably improving patient and caregivers health. If you are a in a leadership position in healthcare with a desire to impact millions of lives, please contact us today. We have a solution!